Virgin Coconut Oil from Vietnam

About Us
Crystal Coconut Oil Inc. is a Canadian-Vietnamese venture incorporated in Canada and licensed in Vietnam.

The principal shareholder is a Vietnamese Canadian whose family has lived and grown coconuts in the farming town of Hoai Nhon for over centuries. His mission is to develop a profitable and sustainable high quality, pure natural virgin coconut oil and coconut product industry in Hoai Nhon to the benefit of the residents of this traditional rural area.

Hoai Nhon is situated on the central coastal region of Vietnam in Binh Dinh province east of the Truong Son Mountains and south of the old imperial city of Hue. All employees of this company are Vietnamese with the exception of the founder who is a Canadian citizen. It is his intention to develop this company to provide skilled employment opportunities, introduce modern business techniques to the residents of Hoai Nhon, and help to preserve the natural environment.

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